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CRAYOLA FOR KIDS Site designed for kids with activities and information for parents and educators. Projects related to arts and science are offered to visitors
TVO KIDS Affiliated with the television segment of TVO kids. This site offers information about show times, news, games and an art section as well.
CHICKADEE NET This kid's site includes many fun facts, animals, science activities, puzzles and much more. The site is also affiliated with the Chickadee Magazine for kids.
SCHOLASTIC/GAMES This site, affiliated with Scholastic books, offers a great book club for kids, a babysitter's club and an assortment of activities. 
TREEHOUSE TV Affiliated with Treehouse TV, this site is dedicated to pre-schoolers age 6 and under. The web site includes tv listings, shows, games, activities, mazes, crafts and a store to check out.


Here you can find a directory of recommended safe web sites for kids up to age 12. Also included are many activities to choose from. 


CANADIAN PARENTS ON LINE This informative site offers a talk section, experts, a newsletter, cooking and much, much more.
CANADIAN LIVING/HEALTH & FAMILY Parents can find a very large library of past articles all relating to health and family issues. Very good and helpful resources. 
ACTIVE PARENTING CANADA This site is designed to bring home, school and the community together. It focuses on parent involvement in your child's education. Special programs can also be found on this site.
TODAY'S PARENT MAGAZINE Affiliated with Today's Parent Magazine, this site includes subscription information, articles for parents, stories and much more.
PARENT SOUP This site hosts message boards, parenting tips, products, craft ideas, and much much more...
KIDZ TIME CREATIVE THEMES Kidz Time Creative Themes offers a monthly e-zine, newsletter subscription a chance to win a year long subscription to a newsletter jam packed with kids activities and games. Coming soon... printable work sheets.
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CANADIAN PAEDIATRIC SOCIETY This site covers a wide variety of topics such as vaccination, parenting, healthy eating, childhood infections and many more.
SPILLED MILK Affiliated with the popular Canadian television program, Spilled Milk, offers a great library full of past show files, articles, resources and a great discussion group.
SYMPATICO/HEALTH Via Sympatico Health section, learn interesting health news, updates and much more.
HEALTH CANADA This site offers news and updates, research, links, regulations, and policies and much more. Available in French or English.

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